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Generally useful for isolation purposes fully open or close, Gate valves will not be suitable for throttling service as the high-velocity flow causes a partially open disk to vibrate and chatter and can hasten the erosion in the disc and seating surfaces.

Single or double-disc slab gate valves are ideal for oil and gas pipelines with DN50-DN300, class150-900 / PN1.0-16.0 Mpa, operating temperature -29 ~ 121℃. In the case of pipeline with piggable design, utilize a rising stem gate valve using a diversion hole forged steel check valve. The slab gate valve using a diversion hole using a dark rod floating seat is appropriate for oil and gas recovery wellhead device. The product oil pipeline and storage equipment shall work with a single gate or double gate flat gate valves without diversion holes.

Originally made for the pulp and paper industry, knife gate valves perform exactly at their name implies. Stringy pulp would impinge relating to the wedge and sand seat of your normal gate valve to avoid flow shut-off. Knife gate valves use a sharp edge to slice through the pulp and seal, a helpful attribute containing seen this shut-off valve type become invaluable to applications which either handle viscous fluids or ones that contain a similar likelihood of impingement.

Flexible wedge gate valve employs a flexible type of wedge that is usually a one-piece disk having a cut round the perimeter (the cut varies in space, shape, and depth). Thermal expansion and contraction entail no problems such kind of gate valves because disk has the capacity to compensate for this and remain easy to spread out. Flexible wedge gate valves are traditionally used in steam systems to counteract thermal blinding.

The large problem associated with flexible gates is the fact water will collect by the body processes neck. Under certain conditions, the admission of steam could potentially cause the valve body neck to rupture, the bonnet to lift off, or seat ring to collapse. Following correct warming procedures prevent these complaints.Split wedge gate valves, as shown in below Figure, are on the ball and socket design. These are self-adjusting and self-aligning to both seating surfaces.

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