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An effective distributor is quite a bit harder with the supplier to eliminate from the supply chain over a simple agent. The problem with this is you incorporate some finance and product liability risks if you are the distributor, but some of the mark ups are higher, hence the reward might be priced at the risk. There are advantages and disadvantages, so my point isn't to say distributor is definitely better than agent relationship, and you should certainly explore your choices China sourcing company .

Consider being vehicles owner. Even if you are the sales agent, you may work with the factory to produce a local brand on your market. If you own that brand like a trademark and also the end buyers value vehicles, then when the factory try and cut get you started of the mix at the later point.

Look for just a sourcing agent that understands your industry and has now had success sourcing the products you are searching for. Different regions within China focus on different products, so that it helps when the agent understands which place to go for the products you seek.

It is going without saying, but communication reaches the heart to build solid relationships. If a sourcing agent communicates swiftly and effectively together with you, it’s a fantastic sign they are going to do the same when contacting and liaising with suppliers and manufacturers in China. Remember, poor communication can result in a host of problems further about the track.

Online sourcing platforms for instance Alibaba and Global Sources, also rate their suppliers, which may help in the shortlisting process. Alibaba, as an example, gives its suppliers “gold” ratings, which purchasers see being a sign of trustworthiness. However, it is very important remember that any supplier who pays Alibaba a yearly fee for premium membership could possibly get gold supplier status, which raises the vendor’s visibility on the webpage. That is therefore not really a very trustworthy reliability indicator.

There a variety of ways it is possible to do this. You could ask the factory because of its audited accounts, check its Value Added Tax invoice, require product samples. You could also identify the factory’s Chinese name, its location plus the local government office under whose jurisdiction it falls. This office could have the factory’s registration records, which you are able to use to confirm the details they have got provided to you.

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