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When a card-present transaction is being made, and the client wishes to use Tap to Pay (card or device), we can not allow multiple taps on the same card or device.

If the total of the transaction is over 100.00, we require a PIN to be used.

For example, a client only has their Apple Watch as a payment type. The transaction is 150.00. They would like to split the tender and tap twice.

Why is this not allowed?

When an in-person transaction is made, the bank takes liability for transactions under 100.00.

After that, the business is liable. Allowing a pin and chip card to be used without the pin for over 100.00 means the business now must pay this money back if the card is found to be stolen.

Allowing a tap transaction to bypass the chip and pin system (tapping twice) also would violate the terms and conditions of our contract.

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