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Today, we are going to practice expressing our daily activities!

  • First, everyone will be assigned to a group, and each group will have 5 students.

    • Group 1: Chloe, Emma, Danny, Joseph, Michael

    • Group 2: Jennifer, Elijah, Ethan, Tiffany, Brooke

    • Group 3: Mallory, Amber, Justin, Christopher, Cameron

    • Group 4: Haley, Ella, Andrew, Daniel, Matthew

  • Once you are in groups, each student will choose ONE day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday). Each person in the group must have a different day.

  • After everyone has chosen, then you may begin.

For the following, each student will do only their chosen day:

  1. Go to the Resources tab and click the blue words/link titled: Days of the Week (ONLY use resources provided, no student should be surfing the web).

  2. Once you access the source, watch the video and memorize the day you chose in ASL.

  3. Next, click on the sources titled: Food, Colors, Animals, Feelings, and Actions. Make sure you look through each source, since there are several options provided for each link.

  4. Choose one or more of the words/signs provided in the links. Practice and memorize them.

  5. After you have memorized the signs for the day of the week and the activity, practice the two together in a sentence.

  6. After everyone in the group feels confident expressing what they do on their chosen day, each group will go to the front of the room and perform a skit/presentation (in order, beginning with Monday and then through Friday) of their daily activities.

  7. Make sure you are signing clearly, accurately, and at a steady, slow pace (this is what you will be graded on).

  8. If time permits, return to groups and practice each others days, or practice signing what you do on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday).



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