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You will be graded and could earn up to 80 points and 20 points for participating (total of 100 points). The teacher may be lenient towards the points based upon your performance. 

You will be graded on two things throughout this assessment from the list provided below:

  1. Formation of the Hand:

  • Excellent: Your hand structure is precise and accurate. Hand is in a steady position, and the movements are fluent. (40 points)

  • Good: The hand structure is a little off. Your signs are not as steady, and the movements lack fluency. (20 points)

  • Poor: The hand structure is not precise. Your movements are not understandable and lack fluent movements. (0 Points)

2. Accuracy:

  • Excellent: Signs are in correct order (corrected yourself if you messed up), the signs make sense, and you’re fluent and accurate. (40 points)

  • Good: Your signs were a little off and you did not correct yourself, your signs made a little sense, but not completely, and your signs were not as strong and accurate. (20 points)

  • Poor: Your signs made no sense, there was no structure that made sense. (0 points)

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