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Groups that Students will be Placed in for This Assignment:

Group 1: Glady’s Priester

Group will create a poster board - Each student can get a total of 25 point and the whole project will equal out to 100.

Jaxson- What is the Great Depression and what are the causes of the Great Depression (List 4)?

Tommy- What is the last cause of the Great Depression and Explain the first two causes of the great depression briefly.

Cindy- Explain the remaining causes of the great depression(3) briefly and provide one picture that could describe the great depression and tell why.

Caitlyn- Provide a picture for each cause of the great depression.

Group 2: Janae Simpson

Each student will inspect various news stories on The Great Depression: Stock Market Crash in 1929. After, they will individually create their own headline and news story on the issue and events that happened during this time. Students should cite the sites at the bottom of their article and throughout the paper. Students should alslo have no less than 6 factual event and details in their paper.

Group 3: Katlyn Jordan

The students are divided into groups of four and each person will be responsible for finishing their assigned page for the power point. The group will be responsible for making a power point presentation that will be used to inform their classmates on the effect that the Great Depression had on the employment and economic institutions. Each student is in charge of answering the questions below:

Jacob (page 1): What is the domino effect? and how did it affect the great depression?

Andrew (page 2): In what ways did The Great Depression affect businesses?

Judy (page 3): How did the Great Depression affect people? and what did it make many people to have to do?

Samantha (page 4): How did the Great Depression affect people’s Confidence in banks? and how did this affect the banks?

*Students will be responsible for researching this

information using only the resources provided, no surfing the internet.*

Group 4: Carolynn Fisher

The students in this group will focus on the Dust Bowl. Each student in this group will be assigned one major effect of the Dust Bowl to research and then create either a poster board or Power Point presentation, which they will present as a group to the rest of the class.

As a Group:

Oliver: Immediate Effects – Daily Life During the Dust Bowl


*Once completed, create a visual poster board presentation of life on the Great Plains during the dust bowl from the perspective of a Dust Bowl survivor.

Hannah: Great Migration – Okies

*Once finished, create a posterboard highlighting various parts of life for Okies.  Include song lyrics, photos, and testimony from migrants and California residents.

Tammy: The Government Response – The New Deal

*Create a Power Point presentation to inform classmates about the governments response to the Dust Bowl. Be sure to include specific New Deal acts and what they accomplished.

Lilly: Environmental Impact – Desertification of the Great Plains and New Farming Practices

*When finished, create a Power Point presentation to inform classmates about how the Dust Bowl was caused and what changes were made to farming and environmental care as an effect of the Dust Bowl.

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