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Rubrics: Grading Scale:

Group 1:Gladys Priester

This project will give each student in the group an opportunity of a total of 25 points a piece for a total group project of 100. Every student will be able to complete their part of the assignment with information provided to them. 10 pts will be deducted for late assignments (no more than 3 days) and will only be deducted from the student with late work.

Group 2: Janae Simpson

This project should give each student an insight on the events during the stock market crash of 1929. All students should turn in their news stories individually and not as a group. This project is out of 40 with the points divided as such in the picture below.

Group 3: Katlyn Jordan

Each student has the opportunity to receive 15 points for their individual page. The students will also evaluate their peers on how well they participated in the assignment. There is a possibility for the students to get 10 points for participation. I would have the students rank their peers on a scale of 1-10 on how well they contributed to the final product. Each student has the capability of earning 25 points which would be equivalent to a 100.

Group 4: Carolynn Fisher

Student presentations will be evaluated on how well they understand the content, how they present the information, and based on whether they cited their sources correctly. Each of the following 5 categories can earn up to 20 points, which will total a full score of 100 points.


  • In their previous years of school, students have learned about the effects of The Great Depression. In this lesson students will be learning how to summarize the causes of the Great Depression, the resulting unemployment, failed economic institutions; and the effects of the Dust Bowl. After completing this lesson students should be able to summarize in complete detail what The Great Depression is, and also what affects it had on the country.

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