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There will be four groups of four in a class of sixteen students. Each group will be assigned a different revolution. The groups are listed below.

  1. Group 1: The Haitian Revolution

  2. Group 2: The American Revolution

  3. Group 3: The French Revolution

  4. Group 4: The Russian Revolution

Every member in each group has an individual task to complete. Each task involves two questions, and the students must thoroughly answer each of the questions. The students in each group will be allowed to choose which task they complete, but all four tasks must be completed. The students will use the information that they have gathered and create a group PowerPoint that contains all of the information from each task. The students will each create two slides, and each slide will focus on one of the two questions involved in their task. The tasks are listed below.

  1. Task 1: What was life like before the Revolution, and what events led to the Revolution?

  2. Task 2: What happened during the Revolution, and who were the key figures involved in the conflict?

  3. Task 3: What led to the end of the Revolution, and what were the results of the Revolution?

  4. Task 4: What were the effects of the Revolution on the country, and what is the country like today?

The students will give a PowerPoint presentation on the day that the assignment is due. Each student must speak while their slides are on the screen. The PowerPoint must have a creative design and at least one picture per slide. There will be a total of nine slides. There will be at title slide that must include the title of the Revolution and the names of all the group members, and there will be eight slides that consist of the information gained through the research.

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