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Poor - 1

Fair - 2

Good - 3

Excellent - 4



Tasks were not completed whatsoever.

Some tasks were completed.

Most tasks were completed, but there were some errors.

All tasks were completed with few errors.


Grammar and Mechanics

There were many grammatical errors. There were several incomplete or run on sentences throughout. Context is spotty and hard to follow.

There were some grammatical errors. There were potential sentence errors. Context is slightly less hard to follow.

There were few grammatical and sentence errors. Context is good.

There were no grammatical errors or context errors.



PowerPoint is basic. There were no visual aids or examples. There were no resources

There were some examples. PowerPoint has some design. There were few resources.

There were several examples with a basic PowerPoint and some resources.

There were many examples, visual aids, and links/resources. PowerPoint is designed and shows effort.


Group Collaboration

Everyone worked individually. There was no group discussion. There was no group dynamic.

Most of the group worked individually. There was not much group discussion.

Team worked as a group, but not every member contributed. There was some group discussion.

Team worked well as a group with group collaboration. There was positive group discussion and dynamic.



There was no creativity. Student read off of a paper for entire presentation and did not make eye contact.

Student stood and presented, made little eye contact and read mostly from a page. Student did not ask probing questions or involve class in presentation.

Presentation is normal. Everyone did not speak. Eye contact was made.

Presentation went above and beyond. There was no reading off of notecards or papers. Constant eye contact was made. Students were very creative with interactive aids.


Total: 100%

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