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Out Walking

Typically we encourage people to pet Chunk, who welcomes any and all petting. Then Jackson will either come over to say hi or not, depending on how he’s feeling.

If somebody insists on petting Jackson (weird, I know, but people are pushy), then do not let them approach him empty-handed. Give them a treat to hold out to him. If they just approach without a treat and try to pet him, he will growl because he’s nervous. He won’t bite, but when people do this it scares him, and the growl is his way of saying, “Hey, please back off, I’m worried about what you’re going to do!”

People Coming Over

If people come to the door, before they enter the house, tell Jackson to “Go crate!” and have him wait in there while you let them in. If he isn’t going right away, you can walk over toward the crate and encourage him to “Go crate!”

When the people come in, give them treats to hand to Jackson. Then you can tell him “Ok!” to go over and get the treats.

If for some reason this doesn’t play out this way, don’t worry. What will happen is that Jackson may growl or bark, but he won’t bite. All you need to do is get his attention as soon as you can, have him go to his crate, and do the method above. Basically the crate thing tells him “When these people come in, your job is to go to your crate — not to warn us that they’re here.”

Chunk will just wander around and accept petting / treats from everybody. :)

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