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First step, don’t hesitate to call me! But if I’m out of cell range:

During normal business hours, you can call their vet, Dr. Lindsay, at 423-254-5370. He is very nice, and glad to help with any questions or concerns.

After hours, you can either call a local emergency vet, or else on Dr. Lindsay’s voicemail message there’s a number for an emergency vet in Chattanooga, and you could always try speaking with them. They may be able to answer your concerns and let you know whether something is worth going to a vet about or not.

If you need to get them into the car: Jackson knows how to get in the back seat, but Chunk doesn’t yet. If they both need to come, we pick Chunk up and put him in first. Then we close the door behind him, open the opposite door, and have Jackson jump in from the other side. For short/emergency rides you can just leave their harnesses and leashes on.

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