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The dirt trail is 0.25mi, not treacherous, one small hill

In additional to whatever normal stuff you like to have for camping, in this particular case I’d recommend:

  • Camping chairs (there are some metal chairs by the fire pit that you’re welcome to use, but they aren’t conducive to carrying around if you want to come sit up by the cabin)

  • Something rolling if you’ve got it (cart, dolly, even a rolling suitcase), so that you don’t have to carry all your gear up the trail

  • Lots of water for cooking, cleaning, drinking, freshening up, etc. We’ll have four gallons there for you, but it will go fast when you’re doing dishes (and are hot & thirsty). You could potentially filter water from the creek if you bring a filter, but it sometimes dries up during extended heat waves.

  • An animal deterrent spray if you’re extra concerned about animals. There’s no wildlife that would bother to harm a human, but there’s a nonzero chance you may encounter a free-ranging or stray dog. We’ve never had an issue with a dog being unfriendly, but if it’s a particular concern for you, you could always bring some spray.

  • Tweezers to remove a tick if it gets attached

  • A pStyle if you’ve got a vulva. I’m never going back to squatting.

  • A hammock if you have one. SO many good hammock spots!

  • Sturdy situation for storing your food. There’s no need to hang a bear bag, but raccoons, squirrels, etc. may run off with or chew through your stuff if you make it easy for them.

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