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The camping area

If you’re having trouble finding a good place to camp due to Covid-19, you’re welcome to come join us at Kamp Kapow! We’re there every weekend from Friday evening to Sunday evening. Here’s the deal:

The Good News

  • There’s a great camping area near the creek, with a fire pit and lots of soft ground for pitching tents

  • No shared facilities like a regular campground

  • Lots of interesting flora and fauna!

The Awkward News

Anybody camping would still need to practice strict social distancing with us, which unfortunately means:

  • Always keeping over 6ft apart from us

  • Not petting the dogs :(

  • Not being able to share any of our creature comforts, like the cabin / cooler / stove / composting toilet / water jug / cooking tools / etc., or touch any common surfaces or objects

  • Staying home if you don’t feel 100%

Are you ok with…

  • Packing in and out all gear, food, water, trash, etc.

  • Bringing everything up the trail from your parking spot at the road to your camping spot at the creek (0.25mi)

  • Hearing barking dogs and random gunshots (it’s the country)

  • Possible underwear-level nudity from us (we’re forest creatures, too, after all!)

  • Peeing wherever, and digging a hole at least 200ft away from the creek to poop

  • No electricity or running water

  • Ticks (March - September mostly) and mosquitos (March - October)

  • Figuring out your off-grid camping logistics (heat/cooking source, light source, battery source, etc.)

  • Canceling if there’s a significant chance of severe weather (big trees + big wind = bad)

  • Being super vigilant about social distancing with us

  • Restricting your group to only your household members / partner / etc.

  • Touching base with us in advance if you have a particular weekend in mind, so we can avoid ‘double-booking’

Things we can offer

  • Spot to camp, obvi!

  • Chatting/hanging out at a distance

  • Wood, kindling, and starter materials for a fire

  • A plastic table (good for chopping, prep, etc.) and a water jug with four gallons of water at the camping spot

  • A shovel and TP for using the ‘bathroom’

  • An outdoor movie while we sit far away from you :)

If you’re interested, ping me, and we can get something on the books!

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