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When asked what’s my philosophy of teaching I began to ponder, then I analyzed the question. I came to the conclusion that Education is what you make it. I believe it is the responsibility of the educator to make each day successful for each and every student. A success that is defined with a baseline. Some may learn a lesson pertaining to content while others may learn a valuable life lesson that will help them become productive functioning citizens in the world. Each and every day that I witness students learning is a day well-earned and I believe that I have met my daily goal of student achievement. Being an educator requires more than supervising or teaching standards. Educators must possess skills that foster nourishment for the student’s heart and mind while building a relationship, social skills, dependability, and responsibility. I like to use the analogy of teaching being parallel to a single parent home. There is one teacher with many students in which they are responsible for shaping and molding. Being an educator is all about doing what’s right for kids while helping them grow and develop into their own personalities as they travel on their educational journey. 

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