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Personal Statement 

A teacher is defined as someone who gives instruction and communicates skills. One of the main reasons I want to be an educator is to make a difference in children’s lives. I believe that school is an important part of our lives. As children we spend the majority of our time at school. Going to school allows children to develop relationships with people who they are not familiar with, this helps with stranger anxiety. 

            I have chosen to become a teacher because being a product of an educator, I noticed how much of an impact my mother made on the children in her classrooms. Many people would say that it is my calling to work with younger children and seeing her gave me the extra push. While in middle and high school I always helped with the younger children. 

My Philosophy of Education

  • I believe that all students CAN learn

  • I believe that all students should be treated with respect

  • My personal goal of my classroom is to challenge each of my students and push them to their highest potential.

I believe that education is an important factor that helps individuals develop skills to grow intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially. As an educator, it is my privilege to help students develop and meet their fullest potential in these aspects in an environment that is safe and conducive for learning. I believe that teamwork makes the dream work! Making sure the students enjoy their time while in my class is a priority of mine because a boring education is not going to motivate the child to learn at their greatest ability.

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