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Classroom Management

Classroom management can be the most important thing a teacher can do for his or her classroom. Classroom management is ensuring that the classroom run smoothly. When a classroom is managed, it creates an environment where the students are focus and there is a positive environment which creates growth in the classroom. Classroom management should start the first day the students enter your classroom. When the classroom is mange it ensures that the students and you are on the same page. Once a teacher loses control of their classroom it is difficult to regain control. To have a successful classroom that is well manage there should be structure, student involvement; the teacher should remain calm and try different teaching practice. 

Every classroom should have structure. Structure is the foundation of every classroom and students respond well to structure. Not only does it provide students with a safe environment, but it helps increase their ability to succeed in the classroom. The goal for structure in a classroom is to increase productivity and learning. You can start by setting expectations in the classroom. You can do this by having a clear understanding of the class rules on the first day the students enter your class. The students should know what is allowed and what is not allowed. You can do this by establishing a class routine.

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