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You have been grouped into 4 groups of 7.  Each student in the group will pick one of the systems listed below for their portion of research. 







-Nervous (Challenge system)

Each doctor will be responsible for the knowing the following information about their system:

*Where in the body the system is located?

* Why is this system important?

*What are its primary organs?

* What each organ's main function is?

* Give three major characteristics of the system

Doctors will then choose to do a presentation, visual model (poster) or anything in which you feel is creative and will get information to your patients. All options must be approved by your teacher. You may use any textbook or reading materials from the media center.

Group 1: Makayla, Steven, Jordan, Logan, Samantha, Jenna, Carly

Group 2: Madison, John, Jeremy, Kyle, Jessica, Andrea, Michael

Group 3: Marcus, Quan, Nicolas, Lacey, Skylar, Kendra

Group 4: Hannah, Carrie, Shelby, Justin, Lewis, Andrew, Kayla


The Internet Resources

Here is a list of websites for you to conduct your research (please stay on these sites and stay focused).  You may use the library and your science book.  Remember that there is limited amount of time to complete this project.  Please remain focused and on task so that you can complete things on time.  There is to be no surfing the internet, use only the links provided.

Circulatory System:



Respiratory System:


Digestive System:



Excretory System:


Muscular System:


Skeletal System:


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