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Grade:            1                    

Age:                5-6

Ability:           Mixed

No. of Students:   Boys         10                    Girls    10       

Subject:          Science                      

Theme:           Plants             

Topic:             Parts of the Plant                   

Duration:       45 mins

Previous Knowledge: Students are familiar with the different parts of the plants.

Learning Outcomes (Strands): Effective communication, Wellness, Intellectual Empowerment, Respect for Self, others and the Environment, Resilience, Valuing Culture and Aesthetic  Expression.

Objectives: Children will be given the opportunities to:

a.               Knowledge

·        Name the different parts of the plant

·        Identify the different parts of the plant

·        Name the uses of the identified parts of the plant

·        Vocabulary development of nouns associated with the plant.         

(b) Skills:

·        To listen to instructions and write according to directions given.

·         Sort items in their different categories.

·        Use fine motor-skills to complete a 3d diagram of the plant


·        Use their cognitive skills to label the parts of the plant

·        Develop  social skills as they interact with each other


(c)  Attitudes

·        To practice interaction through discussion.

·        Show an appreciation in working in groups

·        Display enjoyment throughout the activities

Materials:      seeds, pipe cleaners, bottom portion of a plastic cup shredded, green cut-outs for leaves, twine.




Teacher will begin the activity by having the children watch a youtube video ‘Parts of the Plants, Dr. Binochs show’, teacher will encourage the children to listen very closely and intently because there will be questions at the end of the video.

Questions to be asked:

How many parts of the plant was mentioned?

Name the parts of the plant mentioned?

What does the plant use this specific plant for?

What do you think is the most important of the plant?

Why did you choose that part?

What is your favourite part of the plant?

Why did you choose that part?


Step 1


The students will be introduced to the materials chosen for the activity, the teacher will inform the students that they will be using these materials to construct a model of the plant.

Step 2

Each child will be asked to construct their own model based on the parts of the plants previously discussed.




Step 3

Each child will be asked to label the parts of the plants on their model.


Step 4

Each child will be asked to present their model of the plant to the class having identified and a labelled the parts of the plant.

Assessment: Through observation, a rubric will be used to assess the students throughout the lesson.  

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