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Total Points: 100


Animal Knowledge: Students should determine the species of animal and class of animal and accurately complete the true or false summary.

Participation: Students should work as a team but all students have individual jobs. Each student will be graded on what work they put into the project.

Presentation: Know what is on the poster, know the animal characteristics and speak clearly.

Illustration: The animal should be in the correct shape and colored with the correct colors.

Spelling/Grammar: Should be spelled correctly and in the right context.

Animal Knowledge……..15






NUMBER 1’S: These students need to make sure they are helping other students with ideas and creativity. When presenting the poster the student needs to be descriptive and use clear words. They should know all the details about their animal. Your team members must verify that you played your group the video and led them in the quiz.

NUMBER 2’S: Find the correct facts about the animals. Give the information to the number 3’s in time for them to complete their tasks.

NUMBER 3’S: These students will write everything on the poster legibly and clearly for the instructor to read and understand. They will also answer the special question about their animal.

NUMBER 4’S: These students will draw the animals with the correct colors and size in comparison to the poster size once they have reviewed their resource and found the characteristics they needed to know about their animal.

NUMBER 5’S: These students will need to follow along with the other student’s research and work with their team members to answer the True or False questions about their animal’s class.

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