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Simon wants to know what a mammal, reptile, and amphibian, fish, and insects look like but doesn’t know how to tell them apart. In this project you and your group will each have a animal and you will determine the animal class which is either a mammal, reptile, and amphibian. Students will make a poster of their animal and present it to the rest of the class. Each person will have an assigned part.

Parts include: 1. Team leader/Presenter

2. Species analyst

3. Writer

4. Illustrator/Body Parts Coordinator

5. Summarizer

Here are your groups:

Team Jaguar Team Poison Dart Frog Team Anaconda Team Toucan

  1. Jackie 1. Bailey 1. Ruth 1. Carmen

  2. Ryan 2. Kathy 2. Nicole 2. Autumn

  3. Caleb 3. Faith 3. Kimber 3. Leah

  4. Sarah 4. Greg 4.Stephanie 4.Morgan

  5. Oliver 5. Skylar 5.Jennifer 5. Jonathon

Detailed aspects of each part:

Number 1’s: Team Leader/Presenter

1.) Pull up the Brain Pop Video “Classifying Animals” to start your group off on their safari. The

group should watch the video together. The Team Leader should put the video on full screen

2.) Help other students in your group to find facts about your assigned animal.

3.) Give ideas about what should be contributed to the poster.

4.) Present to the class the poster and your findings.

5.) Once everyone has found the information they needed and the poster board is created, the

team leader should lead their group in a quick review quiz.

Number 2’s: Species analyst

1.) Species analyst answers the following questions:

2.) Also in charge of making sure the writer gets the information needed.

Number 3’s: Writer

1.) Writer displays important facts on the poster by writing it out in legible handwriting.

2.) Also is told what to write down from the other members of the group.

3.) Answer the special question about your animal.

Number 4’s: Illustrator/ Body Parts Coordinator

  1. Illustrator demonstrates body parts and key aspects of the animal physically.

2. They will draw the animal some where on their poster board big enough for others to see but not

too big that the facts that must be written down can not be displayed on the same poster board.

3. They will answer the following:

helps you classify them? Find the section about your animal and write down

what you learn.

Note: Some of these aspects relate to each other, like a certain body part on the animal will tell if

they are that species or not. Be careful though! You may just learn on your safari that something you may think classifies an animal doesn’t necessarily do so.

Number 5’s: Summarizer

  • In each group the summarizer will be responsible for doing a quick check off questionnaire as they go along with the rest of the group.

    • Check off all the statements that are true about your animal class.

  • Note: Whatever class of animal your group has should pretain to the questionaire below. When you go to the Quizlet, “Simon Safari Summarizer” go through the cards and anwser the true or false questions by writing the number of the statement and true or false on your paper.

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