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For this assignment, or shall I say investigation, you have all been divided into 6 teams of 3. There are six different cases and each case is on a different leader that helped develop the New Nation. Each team member will have a different job, it is your responsibility to choose who will be responsible for what. The three things that should be included in your investigation is basic information/facts about the leader (date of birth/death, parents, etc), their significant role in helping develop the new world, and 2-3 accomplishments. After you and your team have gathered all of your information you all will then create a poster that you will use to present to the class. I will provide each team with a picture of their leader, poster, markers, and also resources that you are allowed to use. The purpose of this assignment is for each of you to not only learn about your assigned leader, but the other leaders as well.

Groups are listed below, so you may all get started. Good luck!

Group 1—George Washington

Kendra, John, Alicia

Group 2—John Adams

Skylar, Dylan, Jacob

Group 3—Thomas Jefferson

Brittany, Chris, Tom

Group 4—Alexander Hamilton

Trey, George, Thomas

Group 5—John Marshall

Raymond, Kirk, Elizabeth

Group 6—James Madison

Jade, Theresa, Mary

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