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IMVU is not just an instant messenger. Download IMVU for free if you want to enjoy a realistic and fun chat in a 3D environment

Sometimes most instant messaging programs are boring and the conversations of users only provide pictures and emoticons. That's why every new development is always welcome, such as IMVUa complete 3D environment to meet other avatars.

When you open IMVU you can access several halls, each with a different environment: beaches, parties, restaurants... There are hundreds of places you can IMVU to meet people. While you chat with a person, their avatars can also dance, drink tea or overdo their conversations with gestures.

You can also spend virtual money in the IMVU world and buy accessories, clothes or hairstyles for your avatar to make it look more attractive.

IMVU offers the deepest experience in instant messaging and chats. Create your avatar on PlayStation 3's Second Life or Home style.

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