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Are you one of the millions of people who hang out on IMVU to meet new people, chat, play games or even create your own virtual world? Then you know it can get pretty expensive. The IMVU virtual marketplace is the biggest in the world; at last count, it had well over six million items for sale. So it’s time to get some of these for free using our IMVU credits generator.


IMVU gives almost nothing away for free – you need credits in order to shop for everything from avatars to virtual games, to virtual furniture for your rooms. It’s possible to get a limited number of promo-credits through the site’s promotional partners, and developers who sell stuff there can convert their revenue to credits. But for the most part, you have to buy your credits with real money, either directly from IMVU, a credit reseller, or a store selling IMVU gift cards. IMVU is a pretty cool place, but what would be really cool would be a way to get free IMVU credits. Read on to learn the secret.

Free Credit Generator For IMVU

Our developers love hanging out on IMVU, so they’ve spent time figured the system out and have built an IMVU credit generator of their very own. It works perfectly, IMVU can’t tell the difference between the credits you buy and the ones added by the generator, and it’s totally free to use. Now, you can use it too.

Here’s how to get your free IMVU credits. You use our completely secure browser-based system to choose how many credits you want (there are some limits on how many you can generate per day, of course), enter your account name, and hit “enter.” Within seconds, the credits are yours to spend however you’d like on IMVU. You can even send an online friend credits if you’d like.

The IMVU credits hack doesn’t require you to buy anything, to download anything (after all, who wants to download potentially-hacked software to their device or computer?) or to do anything at all other than enter your account name and claim your free IMVU credits. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using your computer, tablet or phone since the IMVU credit generator works on every platform and every operating system.

An Entire Virtual World To Explore – For Free

IMVU is a 3D world where you can be anyone (or anything) you want to be. Choose an avatar that suits your virtual character, outfit it with clothes and accessories, and start chatting and getting to know people. Design your own rooms any way you’d like and invite people in, play some games with new or old friends, shop in the virtual marketplace for almost anything you’ll need to enhance your online experience (and get everything for free, with the credits you’ve obtained from the IMVU credit generator). You can even design your own goods and sell them in the marketplace, too. There are members from all over the world, representing every type of interest (political, hobby, sexual) imaginable – so it’s never boring. And for you, because you’ve got unlimited free IMVU credits, it doesn’t cost a thing.

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