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The Poopy Pelican is a dive bar located at 111 Rogers Ave on Goat Island, TX. It has a very desierbale location, as it sits between the “Old Town” tourist district and the Goat Island Marina.

The Poop Pelican opened on May 1, 1946 by Velma Deason. Her husband John had talked of owning a day prior to his death during World War 2. The bar was dedicated to his memory.

Mrs Deason passed the bar on to her daughter, Sandy Earnhardt, in her will. Mrs Earnhardt took ownership of the bar in 1960 and operated it until 2003, when her grandson Burl Earnhardt took over operations. Burl became the full owner after Sandy passed away in 2005.

The Poopy Pelican is a dive bar and is well known for two things. First, it hasn’t closed since the summer of 1946 and second, it doesn’t have a happy hour. The reasoning behind both traditions is a subject of much debate.

The bar is two stories tall, with a large bar and several tables occupying the downstairs area. The upstairs area consists of a smaller bar and a deck that overlooks the marina. The bar is called the “After Deck” and is home for the “Greetings from Goat Island” radio show.

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