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  • Individual Assignment: Fish Scene


  • Give each child a piece of blue construction paper.

  • Provide a variety of materials, such as fish stickers, seaweed (grass), paint, crayons, markers, glitter, etc.

  • Allow each child to use their imagination and create a pretty fish scene.

  • Group Assignment: Go Fish: To make the most books or groups of 4 cards of the same fish.


  • Chose a student to be dealer.

  • Dealer will mix cards and give 5 cards to each student.

  • One student will ask another student if he/she has a shark for example, if the student has the card, he/she must give it to them. You may ask until there are no cards left, then you yell Go Fish! The you must take a card from the fish pile.

  • If the card drawn is the card you requested, your turn continues and that student asks for another card. If not, your turn is over.


  • When you collect all of the fish cards, place the book in front of you.

  • If you run out of cards, take a card from the pile.

  • Then continue to play until all cards are made into books.

  • The player with the most books win.

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