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Honoria has no standing army, relying on knights, retinues, and militias for protection. However, a mercenary group operates in Honoria under King Johansen’s patronage. The Legion of Honoria comprises mages, sharpshooters, swordsmen, and other masters at arms who fight under the Imperator.


The legion finds its roots in Honorian mages who fought under Napoleon against Austria and Russia. After the Peace of Pressburg, the detachment’s leadership would become Honoria’s princely court. The rest of the troops, however, decided to continue their martial traditions in a mercenary company.

Franco-Prussian war

The Legion fought in the Franco-Prussian war as part of the Honorian contingent. Leading the Legion was Ricardo Lacson, an Inquisitor on mission from Rome. By this time, the seat of Imperator had been empty for a decade, with the Legion sitting idle without wars. Lacon’s objective was to win the Legion into housing Inquisitors on mission in Germany. His leadership in the war, borne from experience fighting in Japan, won the Legion to his side. Lacson was proclaimed Imperator, and the legionnaires pooled resources to get Lacson land in Honoria.

Marpingen Apparitions

When Lacson was deployed to investigate the Marpingen Apparitions, legionnaires joined him as security. However, Prussian troops deployed by Chancellor Bismarck saw this as a papist plot to subvert Germany. Fighting between Legionnaires and combined Prussian and Imperial German troops ruined the Legion’s reputation in the Empire. Lacson was declared a fugitive in 26 of the 27 German states.

Current events

Tales from Ehrenland

Flame of Rebellion

Some veteran legionnaires joined Ricardo Lacson, who had since stepped down from the seat of Imperator, to suppress the Philippine Revolution.

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