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Welcome to the Honoria Compendium, which lists articles about the Tales from Ehrenland series of books and other media.


All media take place in the Principality of Honoria, a German principality on the border of the Swiss Confederacy and the German Empire. Honoria is a land trapped in time, with magic and sorcery coexisting with trappings of industrial technology. Knights and knaves, swashbucklers and duelists, riflemen and bureaucrats, the principality hosts anachronisms possible by its strong reliance on magic.

Its prince, Wilfred Johansen, has nominally sworn fealty to the German Emperor Wilhelm I. However, he struggles to maintain autonomy and independence from Berlin, and Chancellor Otto von Bismarck has been pressuring him to allow Imperial German control of the principality to increase. Honoria’s magical predominance would let the Empire defeat its enemies, yet Prince Wilfred wants his subjects to live in peace and harmony. Add to this the chancellor’s kulturkampf, quarrels between Protestants and Catholics, riots between monarchists, republicans, liberals, and socialists, all the turmoil of 19th-century Germany packed with the magic and mystery of Honoria.

In these trying times, the free men and women of Honoria live their lives as best they could.

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