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Owner of five slaves, a farmstead within a ravine, and a business selling sweet oranges. Used to be a travelling engineer, using his slavesister for aid in transactions and brokering deals.




Slavesister to Morcant. Aided her Brother in his travels. Now does a concubine's duties, providing companionship and intimacy to Morcant while still assisting in his work.




Slavegirl who joined from furthest East. She was given more freedom than most slaves by her former Master. She joined Morcant for a small sum and helped him study advanced theory. Now does a concubine's duties while assisting in running the business.


A short and pretty girl, nerissa's old Master gave her unusual freedom. Ultimately, she studied under a scholar in galdercraft and numberlore, causing her price to rise rapidly. Morcant noticed her before any other did, however, and bought her at a steal. She in turn helped him develop his trade through her theoretical knowledge, and Morcant even became proficient in galdercraft using her. They kept close relations and nerissa would become an intimate companion.


Slavegirl bought from furthest East. She was bred to be used in running businesses. Later helped Morcant attain his vast fortune through her connections and her promotional skills. She continues performing similar duties for the farmstead. Treated as a toy and pet in her free time.


A petite girl, despite being older than Morcant, melia has a sweet and cheerful manner which enticed Morcant's attention at first sight. She had been bred as a special business aid, her first job being her Master's advertiser. Morcant bought her for a higher price than her fellow slaves in the enterprise. Her past dealings across the Grossenland gave Morcant plenty of work to do and helped him build his fortune. Her work puts little load on her and Morcant uses her as a toy and pet frequently alongside seija.


Elfslavegirl bought from a caravan she worked with as an accountant. Keeps the books for Morcant and keeps him company and intimacy otherwise as a concubine.


Morcant fell for her beauty and offered a million denarii to buy her from her caravan. Embarassed, the caravan accepted only 10,000. Kaisa is a rather tall elfgirl with black hair kept in locks and a shy manner. She keeps a cheerful mood with Morcant around, and lets him tease and insult her for fun. Only kaisa has the patience to sort through Morcant's numerous transactions and dealings to keep accounts.


Elfslavegirl who joined to pay her Master's debts. Kept as a toy and pet to relieve stress.


A short girl with blonde hair and grey eyes, seija hides her inner grief with smiles and excitement. She offered herself to Morcant for a rather cheap sum, using her intelligence and prettiness as leverage. Morcant saw through her fast and took her to his bed roughly, causing her to be flustered. She explained her real motives and her previous Master's woes, causing Morcant to add a large sum to his initial payment. Seija remains devoted to Morcant as a toy and pet, sharing board with melia as befits their roles. She also loves discusing fiction and history with him. In private company, seija discloses her past life trying to help her old Master go day to day. Morcant constantly shows her affection to lift her mood.

Daily Life

Morcant and his slaves spend most days with the orange farm, root crop garden, house maintenance, water reservoir maintenance, and other chores. When all is done, Morcant takes his choice of slaves to make love to and take company from. They tell stories, reminisce about adventures, hope for the future, cook food, and so on. Nerissa and raylene may be pregnant.

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