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  • There will be 4 groups with 5 people in each group (as assigned by the teacher). The groups are broken up into different molecules of life. Each group must focus on their molecule and find all the information that is required, in order to teach the rest of the class.

  • As a group, you will complete one poster to present to the class. In order to complete the assignment, you will first have to work together to learn about the structure and different organelles in a plant and animal cells.

  • After that, you will break off to do your work and answer your own questions. When everyone has completed their questions, you will compile the information to finish the poster.

  • Instructions for what will need to be on the poster are on the next page. The number next to your name corresponds to the questions you’ll be answering. The field trip can not end without all of the parts. Take your time, be respectful to each other, and do your best!

  • The questions each of you must answer individually will be based on these topics for your group’s molecule of life.


  1. Function 

  2. Types 

  3. Structure 

  4. Organelles in the cell 

  5. How DNA and RNA is used 


Carbohydrates: Lipids: Proteins: Nucleic Acids:

1.) Uma 1.) Louiza 1.) Gerard 1.) Cristiana

2.) Rebecca 2.) Oedipus 2.) Manuel 2.) Germán

3.) Shantanu 3.) Rafail 3.) Egil 3.) Jørn

4.) Maksimilian 4.) Maeghan 4.) Dobri 4.) Sameera

5.) Carina 5.) Ivan 5.) Bonnie 5.) Christina

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