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According to Parker and  Chao, (2007) “wikis are characterized by a variety of unique and powerful information sharing and collaboration features” (p. 58).  Cooperative learning, helps students to work together supporting each other in the learning process.  Wikis offer that collaborative feature making them useful collaborative learning web resource. Additionally, Wikis are playing an increasing role in students’ reflective learning, and enrich students’ experiences. Students can take charge of their own learning as they construct new knowledge (Chen et al., 2005 cited in Parker & Chao, 2007). This supports and encourage discovery learning another benefit offered by wikis. Wikis can be constructed in such a way making them learner centered. This help students discover knowledge on their own as they are guided by the teacher through the online learning environment. They play an awesome role in helping students take charge of their learning and support the constructivism approach to teaching and learning. Parker and Chao, (2007) explain that Wikis are an excellent and  very effective tool for project based learning. When used for collaborative class projects, wikis allow students to meet virtually at their convenience and work on projects together (p.63). Wikis support many constructivism learning theories as they can support learners in discovering knowledge.

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