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My Fellow students,

Using this Wiki can provide you with a great learning experience. It will allow you to collaborate with your peers and provide a stimulating learning environment. As you participate in this learning experience, please be mindful of the following guidelines and safeguards for your own benefit.

Respect the views of your peers. If you disagree with anything please share, but do so respectfully. This will enhance the learning experience, making it worthwhile and generate fruitful discussion. Respecting others online, will help build a positive digital environment that embraces learning and discovery, while minimising negativity and inappropriate content (Doha, 2013).

You can edit and save content materials as you see fit. Research the changes you would like to make and please ensure that they add value to your learning experience and that of your peers. Wiki allows you to make changes however, because there are so many people reading the articles and pages, you must ensure to not include your personal biases. The information you post must be up-to-date and correct (, 2008). This will ensure the person viewing after you will have information that is well researched and factual. Additionally this will avoid issues with plagiarism.  Click the edit page, make your changes and then save all changes made.  However, please note that no one is allowed to edit the lesson plan, as it serves as a lesson guide to all your peers visiting the page.

Ensure to go through the lesson and complete the assessment quizzes and games. Make use of the other resources available to strengthen your understanding of rounding off. Also note that you must post a one paragraph journal entry about your learning experience. This will provide you with a collective online space where you can share your knowledge and skills you acquired from the lessons and supporting activities (, 2018). Completing these activities will provide me with an overview of how much you have learned and help me to assess your understanding and clarify any misconceptions that may arise.


Why are these guidelines and safeguards needed?

These guidelines and safeguards are necessary to protect you as you use this Wiki and navigate online. As a teacher in the 21st Century classroom I am cognisant of the fact that people can use information posted for the wrong reasons. Some hackers clone websites and distort the experiences of innocent people. The increase in cyber security issues calls for increase vigilant and precautions. Hence, this will help reduce any online threats that you may be expose to. This will ensure that you are not taken advantage of and your learning experience is worthwhile. Additionally, citing sources will safeguard against plagiarism.

Using only the sites that I have selected will provide you with a rich online experience. I vet all website and articles posted for you to have access to; so that you do not have to include any personal information when you access them. This will reduce any identity theft and malicious website. Additionally, I will include a safety feature that will restrict anyone from editing this wiki only collaborators will have such privilege. This is to prevent anyone and everyone from having access.

If you encounter any problem please feel free to call or message me so that I can provide you with the necessary assistance. 



Mr. Jones

Grade 5 Teacher

(, n.d)

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