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Welcome to My Classroom!

In my classroom, everyone will have an equal opportunity to learn at their own pace. I am focused on each student being in an environment that nurtures ability to learn. I want to be able to accommodate students who are at different learning paces so I have different activities set up for students who learn faster than others. I will have daily group meetings to teach the students who are around the same place in each subject area. Small groups will be used for teaching subject material rather than whole class lecturing. Each student will be able to open their chrome books to find out what they are to complete for that day. There will always be extra activities list in the daily agenda so that early finishers will never have free time to get into trouble. This will keep them busy and their young minds growing. There is also flex seating available so that the students can choose where they want to sit on a daily basis. This method of seating allows the student to be in their most comfortable environment on any given day. Wobble stools, bean bag chairs, regular desks, short desks, and carpet areas will be available to make each student comfortable. Students will know what is expected of them from day one, as we will go over the rules in depth on the first day of school. There will also be posters throughout the classroom that remind students of the rules and procedures. I expect my students to not only respect me but respect their classmates and themselves as well. I look forward to the school year and educating these wonderful students!

Classroom Management

This is the biggest key to being a great teacher in my opinion. If a teacher has poor classroom management, then the students will not be able to learn efficiently. I will go over the classrooms rules the first week of school so that the students know that the rules are important and must be obeyed. I will not allow students to yell out their answers unless I specifically ask them to. There will be a universal sign that students will use to show me that they need to use the restroom. I will also have musical cues that students should listen for throughout the day to direct their actions. Some examples of what musical cues will be used for are: lining up, cleaning up their area, coming to the carpet, and going back to their seats. Students should know what these cues mean without asking because we will practice them over and over during the first week of class. Students will also be expected to be respectful of their peers. This means that they will not be allowed to talk over classmates or invade their personal space. The first week of school will include little instruction but more practice of the rules and expectations. I want my students to succeed and I believe that following the rules is a key component to this.

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