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Personal Statement

I have always known that I wanted to be an educator. I allowed people to sway my vision of how I wanted my life to turn out at first. This is the reason that I originally decided to major in Nursing. I am glad that I finally realized where my true passion was - education. When I was a little girl, I would try to teach my younger cousins and brother. I would set up my classroom with worksheets, dry erase boards and markers, and many workbooks I had kept from years past. I loved the thought of being a teacher. Coming home, doing my own homework, and helping my brother with his was the highlight of my day. My parents eventually bought me a play house that I turned into a classroom. As I have grown older, my passion for being an educator has not changed. I still love to help my brother with his homework when he needs it. I also love to read books to my daughter and teach her new things.

Philosophy of Education

My philosophy of education aligns with that of social constructivism. I think that it is important for children to be in control of their own learning. Of course, the teacher is necessary to guide them in the right direction, but ultimately the child’s education lies within their own hands. I think that it is important for students to work in groups and look out into the community at issues that they may be able to help solve. I feel that with the way our society is going, it is more important now than ever before to teach children how to be problem solvers.

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