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Day 1:

Day 2:

  • Put students into groups and assign their tasks.

Okay, now that you know what you’re going to be doing let me assign tasks. There will be 4 groups and each will have 5 team members. One person from each group will grab a poster board from the front of the class and bring it to their team.

The first group will title their presentation Touch. Each group member will grab at least one utensil used to bake a cake from the front of the class. They will then draw a picture, describe it, and add it to their board. For example, a measuring cup or a bowl.

Group 2 will title their board Sight. They will each choose an item from the board from group 1 and describe the item. For example, describe the color, shape, and size.

Group 3 will title their board Taste/Smell. This group will grab the ingredients from the front of the class to smell and taste it. They will then draw a picture, describe the smell and taste, and add it to their board.

Group 4 board will be title Sound. This group will make a list of sounds that may occur in the kitchen when baking and draw pictures to show how it looks.

Finally, when each group has finished its board they will then present it to the class.

After everyone has presented we will all then take a slice of cake and use our five senses to discuss it as a whole.

Now let’s get cooking, Chefs!

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