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The Fumari tobacco brand supplies over 30 flavors! Within that grand list, you are sure to find your favorites. The three Fumari tobacco flavors that are commonly seen on the Top Five list are Orange Cream, White Gummi Bear, and Spiced Chai. The Orange Cream is light, creamy and citrusy. The White Gummi Bear is just like the white gummy bears snacks, light and sweet with a hint of pineapple. Spiced Chai is a cup of warm Chai but with added hints of clove and cinnamon. Fumari also covers most of your Hookah cravings, aside from their variety of flavors, by having moist and fresh shisha produced in small bundles. 

The shisha comes in 100 gram packages, carefully sealed and recently packaged when ordered to retain the most freshness possible. This preserves the shisha´s flavor, strength and ultimately, makes your sessions last a lot longer. Bigger packages are also available throughout the numerous retailors that sell and market Fumari online or in your local Hookah supply store.

Fumari’s shisha is also well known for their incredible and smooth cloud production. The big clouds give you a breath of full flavor. Their 100 gram packets can usually deliver up to seven or eight bowls but it all depends on how densely you pack it and what type of Hookah bowl you use. The packages are also resealable to keep your tobacco moist and safe while stored away for future use. 

Certain flavors are found in other brands but Fumari has their own unique blend of ingredients to produce rare, and sometimes indescribable flavors such as the endearing Ambrosia flavor. Fumari flavors are typically elaborated to produce a taste just like the real thing so you can base your final decision on what you actually enjoy tasting. 

Thanks to the small packets, freshness, and moist levels, Fumari is also a good shisha for flavor combinations. You can get a basic flavor such as a Grape and mix it with the White Gummi Bear for a bang upon your taste buds. Unique pre-blended flavors like the Orange Cream can also be combined. Your creativity is the limit to what you taste you can come up with. It might be wise to research blending techniques before attempting to do this if it is your first time. 

Fumari has a bit of a price increase compared to other shisha brands but it is due to their freshness and quality. It is good shisha at a decent price that should be in your cupboards. It is a product made in the United States of America for those Americans looking to purchase from a hometown base. Fumari can be used with all Hookah accessories but it may be wise to use a phunnel bowl considering how juicy the shisha can turn out to be. Using a plain or flat bowl may cause spillage and a nasty mess to clean up. With that in mind, you can happily smoke your Fumari tobacco and enjoy the blast of flavor and clouds that will keep you wanting more. 

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