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Many Pokemon Masters players think it's the most rational thing in the world to leave "Pokemon Masters games" to the business man. Because they are resolute and calm, because they are familiar with business management. Without them, Pokemon Masters won't become an industry. Without them, we can't enjoy the magnificent scene of games after they are put on the wings of science and technology.

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However, their original intention is different from Pokemon Masters developers. What did Pokemon Masters do? When Pokemon Masters was dissatisfied with EA's acquisition, its developer set up a smaller lion head studio; then the main one joined Microsoft to play games, knowing that Microsoft's influence in the game industry at that time was absolutely inferior to ea. Yes, Pokemon Masters game developer is not for money. No, it can't be said so. It should be said that they don't take making money as its primary purpose. The first is to play games. What about Microsoft? It's just for money. No, it can't be said that. It should be said that Microsoft regards making money as its primary purpose, and playing games is its means. So their ideas will be able to integrate: they care about games and money; so their ideas will also go against: first money, or first game? This is a good understanding of why Microsoft unconsciously interferes with Pokemon Masters studio: please don't look at one thing and lose another, but have both; this is also a good understanding of why Microsoft feels that it doesn't interfere with lion's door at all: don't you value games and money? I gave it all. What kind of Pokemon Masters do you want?

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