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The equipment you choose is a crucial decision when it comes to accepting credit cards. We'll cover significant brands, popular features, processor compatibility, and more in this article. Are you looking for information about specific machines? Make sure to look through our list of credit card machines for small businesses. You can also get quotes for processing and machine purchases directly from the directory.

Credit Card Machine for Small Businesses

We typically advise against selecting a credit card processor based on "top ten" lists or customer evaluations because there's no way of knowing if you'll be charged the same rates and terms as the reviewer. A credit card machine, on the other hand, poses less of a risk. Because you'll be getting an identical product with the same built-in characteristics, reading machine reviews might help you determine if it'll meet your requirements.

Features & Functionality options for credit card machines

Varying models have different functionality, but credit card machines generally allow you to accept cards in a limited way. They don't have any functions related to payments, such as inventory management or table in restaurant management. If you require such features, you should instead select a comprehensive POS system.

You'll be able to accept both credit and debit cards with a credit card machine. (For PIN debit transactions, some versions come with built-in PIN pads.) While some devices support magstripe, EMV chip, and NFC (contactless) payments, others only accept magstripe and EMV. It's becoming more difficult to find a magstripe-only machine these days, and since the technology is old and insecure, you shouldn't buy one anyhow.


The ability to link credit card machines for small businesses will be the essential differentiation. Credit card machines can connect to a wireless network, much like a mobile phone, allowing them to wander freely. You can walk freely within your building or office thanks to your wifi network. The credit card machine is static at a desk or booth due to your wired internet (ethernet cable). The level of connectivity you require depends on how you interact with customers during the checkout process.


A built-in printer is standard on most credit card machines. The ability to email receipts is the most crucial feature. All payment terminals will eventually support email receipts, but just a few do so right now.

Integrating credit card machines into your software

Some businesses have their own POS or software platform. If you wish to link a credit card machine with your software, ensure that the credit card machine you chose enables integrations.

Credit Card Terminals

A credit card terminal is a piece of hardware that allows you to read the information on a credit card and charge it a fee. To accept credit card payments, you'll need a credit card terminal. All forms of credit cards can be processed with the credit card terminal.

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There are two different sorts of credit card machines: universal and proprietary. Universal machines are exactly what they sound like: they're devices that aren't tied to a specific CPU. Only a few companies can employ proprietary machines since they only work with one or a few CPUs.

For one reason, most organizations want to know what type of machine they're buying: reprogramming capability. If you believe in a proprietary device and then decide to change credit card processors, you'll have to buy a new computer. You can sign up for a new microprocessor to reprogram your process layout if you buy a universal machine.

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