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A summary is defined as a write my essay account of the gist or a crux of the text that you are given to study. It is more like skimming in which you have to come up with one-quarter of the actual text comprising all the details and important information. It is one of the easiest jobs if you know some steps that can help you with summary writing. Summarizing means skimming the content. For this, you have to read the content paragraph by paragraph and you have to summarize each one. There are some major characteristics of summarizing, such as, it is important to mention all the dates and include all the facts and figures that are important to add to the weightage. Then, add one single quote as well so that cohesion can be created within the summary. It will help you come up with your content that will not only communicate the central ideas but it will be a plagiarism-free narrative account that can help you get good grades.

In order to help you with the research article summary assignment, I am going to tell you some simple steps that can help you with the best answer to “how to write a summary”.

1- Read the original work

The first step to writing a research article summary is to read the actual or the original text. Without this step, you cannot write a summary. In many of the cases, students don’t want to read the complete text and it is one of the major reasons to fail to write an effective summary. It is important to read the text to know what is required of you and what the actual content of the text is. One of the tricks is to highlight the information that you think is important or that can help essay writer to write an informative summary.

2- Jotting down ideas

The next step is to jot down all the ideas that you think are important. If you have already highlighted the information then you need to write that information only. It will save a lot of your time when you are writing the summary. Apart from writing a summary, the highlighted information can help you with a number of academic tasks such as, if you are ever asked to review the article. Some of the major points to be noted while writing a research article summary is, noting the aims, objectives, research questions, methodology, the population that was used in the research, and then the results. It is important to highlight some major points of success as well because many times, it plays the central role. 

3- Creating the thesis statement

Once you will jot down all the ideas, you will be able to know the main idea that is conveyed in the text. Essay writing service will also help you with the writing of the thesis statement because none of the summaries is complete without the cathine at the beginning that can communicate the central idea of the text.

4- Writing the actual content

In the next step, you are required to write the actual content. It is better to start with a rough draft because it reduces the chances of mistakes and it is easy to identify the mistakes and check for irrelevant data. After the first rough draft, you can proceed to the final draft that will be a complete account of the article. Some of the important details that need to be added in the summary are dates, figures, quotations, a number of participants, and the type of method that was used. Your information should be precise and accurate enough that anyone who will read the summary must be able to know the major idea of the article.

5- Revise

In the last step, you need to revise all the information that you have already shared with write my paper. In the revision phase, you will look for the mitigation of grammatical errors or language errors. You will also be able to know the irrelevant information or the other details that are not directly required.

In addition to all these tips, there are some other important points that can help you with writing a summary of an article. Firstly, you should create short notes as it will help you to jot down important information. If you think that the article is too lengthy, you can read it in the form of chunks and the best reading strategies suggest that a summary can be written by reading the first and the last and second last paragraphs. It will help you know all the points that can help you get good results. Then, it is important for you to come up with a critical evaluation of what you have written by yourself. It will help you come up with detailed insight and it can prove to be one of the best approaches to gain good results. In the end, you can also quote the information that is shared by the other people or authors on the same topic or point. It will add weightage to the body of knowledge and it will help you earn good grades. 

Thus, following the above mentioned five steps, paper writing service will be able to write a summary of the research article. The summary will not only be to the point and informative account but it will serve the required function accurately. 

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