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The humble garage has a myriad of uses. If you’re lucky enough to own a property with a garage, you more than likely use it for parking or as storage. However, there is so much more you can do with this convenient space, from home gyms to craft workshops.

Even if you don’t have access to a garage, UK law states that you don’t need planning permission to build a garage or outbuilding on your property, provided it is under 30 square metres.

If you want to rethink and redefine your garage space, consider the following suggestions for inspiration.


Storage is one of the most common uses for a home garage. Using a garage for storage purposes can maximise home floor space, helping to minimise clutter and maintain a sense of order in your living space. That said, many standard garages are not climate controlled and are at the mercy of unpredictable weather conditions. As a result, items may become damaged due to moisture and fluctuating temperatures. Fortunately, you can invest in climate control for your garage by installing insulation and adding heating/cooling units.


A garage is an ideal place to set up a workshop. Whether you run a small business or engage in creative hobbies such as woodwork or painting, your garage could become the perfect studio where you can produce your best work. You may need to make a few minor changes to make your garage a comfortable space in which to work; for example, you may need to improve the lighting and ventilation.

Guest Suite 

Many homeowners renovate their unused garage spaces, transforming them into comfortable living spaces perfect for hosting guests. Converting your standard garage into a room or guest suite can be a complex and costly process, but ultimately one that could vastly improve your home’s resale value. There are many changes your garage may require before it can be considered a suitably habitable environment, such as electrical wiring installation and foundation reinforcement.

Home Office

If you’re prepared for the challenge of converting your garage into an extra room, a home office could be another excellent use of your new space. With more and more of us choosing to work from home, domestic office spaces are highly popular selling points for house hunters. While a spare bedroom makes a passable office, setting up a work environment away from the commotion of busy family life could do wonders for your efficiency and productivity.

Small Business Storage

Steel framed buildings - including free-standing garages - are the most affordable option if you don’t already have access to a garage, making them ideal for business storage. Steel-framed free-standing garages are easily climate-controlled, low-maintenance and weatherproof so that you can protect your business-related products and materials from weather-related damage. Furthermore, due to the remarkable strength and resilience of steel, metal garages are exceptionally secure, safeguarding your possessions from theft.

Recreational Area

If you enjoy hosting family and friends, a recreational area could be an excellent use for your garage space. Transforming your garage into a games room is a fantastic low-hassle home renovation project with impressive results. With a few straightforward alterations, such as adding insulation and a few coats of paint, your dingy, cavernous garage will be unrecognisable. Add a pool table, darts board, seating and a minibar, and you’re ready to host an evening of friendly competition.

Home Gym

Converting a garage into a home gym is a straightforward home renovation project many fitness enthusiasts attempt in order to cut down on gym membership costs. Not only that but having a gym on your home premises could help you realise your potential and smash your fitness goals quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, not a great deal of DIY work is required to create a functional home gym. With the addition of heating, insulation and lighting, you can begin furnishing your gym with equipment, mirrors and motivational artwork.

Vehicle Security

Arguably the most common use for domestic garages is vehicle storage. Your garage is where you can keep your vehicle safe and protected from theft and harsh weather conditions. Parking your car in a garage can also help you cut down on insurance costs, as the risk of accidental damage significantly decreases once you park on private property rather than on the roadside.

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