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What is knee arthroscopy?


Knee arthroscopy is a process that includes a surgeon examining and repairing problems with a small tool called an arthroscope. It is a short invasive process of surgery used to both diagnose and heal tissues in the joints.


Knee arthroscopy surgery may help diagnose a variety of problems, including:


  1. Tenacious joint pain and stiffness

  2. Broken cartilage

  3. Hovering fragments of bone or cartilage

  4. An accumulation of fluid, which must be drained


In most of these cases, arthroscopy is all that is required. Individuals may choose it instead of other surgical processes because arthroscopy often includes:


  1. Less tissue damage

  2. A quicker healing time

  3. Some stitches

  4. Less pain after the process

  5. Lower risk of infection, because smaller incisions are made

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