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: [[File:David Silverman vs Godless About The Metoo Movement|thumb|330x330px|David Silverman questioned by female atheist about the #metoo movement]]'''[ CRAZY ATHEIST FEMINIST CLAIMS SHE HAD AN INVOLUNTARY ORGASM WHEN DAVID SILVERMAN TOUCHED HER BACK]'''

== Description ==
Third-Wave Feminism has always been a movement for women by women, feminism has never been a movement dedicated to equality as many are led to believe, but instead a movement for the improvement of women's lives because fuck men. Its adherents claim to be for "equality," yet some feminists are some of the most [[Steve Shives|bigoted]], racist, sexist, and downright [[Conservatives|disgusting people]] on the face of the [[earth]]. Those adherents justify their sexism, racism, etc with redefining of words like "racism is prejudice + power", completely unaware that they've just admitted to being prejudiced. They tend to congregate on [[Tumblr]], far away from reality. They believe in the [[Patriarchy]] and cite it as the cause of universal human struggles which apparently only happen to women. Since they happen to criticize the lowest common denominator of people, they are tolerated and encouraged by the mainstream. Feminists tend to pertain to the idea that believing inequality among the sexes makes one a member of their ideology by default, which is an interesting position considering the namesake.


Some people have suggested that third wave feminism could qualify as a religion under some anthropologists' definitions. However, regardless of this, the people who identify as feminists are bound to believe in some type of bullshit as the whole concept of being a feminist relies heavily upon the concepts of victim complexes and self-guilt.
[[File:Aca.jpg|none|thumb|220x220px|Atheist Community Of Austin Discord Server Submits To Feminist Threats
The Atheist Community of Austin Discord Server moderators get [ bullied by Feminist threats.]

== Feminists ==
[ Beth Presswood] wife of [ Matt Dillahunty] one of the most vile feminists who false accused [ David Silverman] of Sexual Assualt. Feminists are members of a volatile and sexist group obsessed with censoring opposing views and hating men. They hate men, that's all you need to know really. Feminists are oppressed, offended, and are right 100% of the time.

Another crazy Feminist named [! Rebecca Vitsmum] claimed that she had an [ involuntary orgasm when David touched her back.]

[[File:David Silverman vs Godless About The Metoo Movement|none|thumb|330x330px|Female Atheist asks David Silverman who deserves the false allegations of sexual assault more than him]]
==Criteria to be a Feminist ==
*Be [[Rebecca Watson|a dyke]]
*Be oppressed or offended 
*Be a whiny cunt
*[[Steve Shives|Hate MRAs]]
*[[Ryan Wiley|Be a pussy whipped bitch ]](only applies to male feminists)
== On Drunken Peasants ==
Third-Wave Feminism and gender issues are regular topics discussed on the Drunken Peasants Podcast and [[TJ Kirk|TJ]] was already infamous for his strident anti-feminist views. Notable antagonists of the Drunken Peasants that espouse the ideas of feminism include [[Ryan Wiley|Ryan Whiny]] and [[Jenny McDermott|Jenny McDMCA]]. They also feature and discuss popular feminist figures such as [[Rebecca Watson]], [[Anita Sarkeesian]], and [[Laci Green]].

== Atheism+ ==
'''Atheism+''' is a movement that thinks it's a good idea to mix feminism and [ atheism]. Most of the members cannot take any form of criticism. The leader of Atheism+ is a cuntfuck named [ PZ Myers]. The members are known for being very [ shitty people], as some have gotten people fired from jobs and worse, simply for disagreeing with their ideology.
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