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Great Plains Software Dynamics and eEnterprise have been famous in Europe, prior to Microsoft acquisition of Great Plains Software, and due to the fact that then Microsoft obtained also such ERP as Navision with strong European

marketplace presence. In those days of Navision purchase, Microsoft Business Solutions made a decision to market Navision, or modern name Dynamics NAV in Europe and sort of deemphasize Dynamics GP Great Plains. However Great Plains has pretty strong presence in Poland and UK, and taking into consideration European organizations interconnection, we ought to anticipate Polish or British corporations might have a need to attach their Eastern European branches to their Great Plains ERP and MRP databases and reporting equipment, together with FRx, Crystal Reports, SRS. This book is written in the form of technical highlights:

1. Eastern European Alphabets and SQL Server collation. Eastern European languages followed French and Spanish strategies inside the starting of 20th century within the experience of extending Latin alphabet characters with accents. In Microsoft SQL Server you can select dictionary order with collation for the server as default, plus you may supersede these settings on the brand new database degree and even for the particular table. In Eastern European alphabets, such as Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, and many others - you will discover so called accents, or tiny additions to the common Latin characters, to help reader modify the pronounce of the letter. The trouble for British and Polish Great Plains installations is default Latin (UK) or Polish collateral which makes impossible to save unique accents to your SQL database

2. ASCII table and its second check in. Dynamics 365 BC Consulting GP is at the start and presently written (which means programmed) in Great Plains Dexterity, which in flip is the shell, advanced in C programming language. C is of direction in part operating gadget independent, however it is lagging at the back of the technology, in particular whilst you are speakme about such nuances as SQL Server DB collaterals and ASCII desk global options. In order to

pressure Dexterity application to properly paintings with the second sign in of ASCII table, you have to remember to deploy both local Windows XP or higher Vista, as Vista is to be had for large choice of the nations in Europe

three. Great Plains and Unicode. Here Dexterity is less effective and you need to install characters entry interception utilities. In Europe, but, maximum if not all the languages have ASCII and non Unicode nature

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