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Chapter 4 - Project 4-2

Wireshark is a free and open-source packet analyzer. It is utilized for network troubleshooting, analysis, software and publications protocol development, and training. Originally named Ethereal, the project was renamed Wireshark in May 2006 due to trademark issues.

The computer you used for this project?

I installed Wireshark on my Apple Macbook Air as I felt installing it on my HP Desktop would’ve taken too long since it is an older HP model; therefore, I used my newer and faster laptop.

A brief description of what you learned

Wireshark is a packet sniffer and analysis device. It seizes web transactions on the local channels and stores that data for offline critiquing. Wireshark takes network traffic from Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wireless, Frame Relay connections etc..

Any other information you might find helpful when using Wireshark later?

  • Available for UNIX and Windows.

  • Capture live packet data from a network interface.

  • Import packets from text files containing hex dumps of packet data.

  • Display packets with very detailed protocol information.

  • Save packet data captured.

  • Colourize packet display based on filters.

  • Export some or all packets in a number of capture file formats.

  • Filter packets on many criteria.

  • Search for packets on many criteria.

  • Create various statistics.

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