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An MOT test is an important test that cars older than three should take every year. This is conducted to ensure your car is following all the safety and emission regulations and limits. A vehicle failing its MOT test on the first try, you might have to reschedule after repairing and replacing the concerned part. It takes just one small mistake to fail your MOT test. 

If this is your first time taking your car for an MOT test, you might be overwhelmed as to what you should check and how to prepare. Here is a comprehensive checklist for first time MOT test takers.


You might not pay a lot of attention to the lights of your vehicle before MOT Airdrie, but they play a crucial part in your safety. The lights should be in good condition, and all of them should work perfectly fine. Check everything from the headlights, indicators, backlights, sidelights, brake lights and others. See if your family or friend could help you during the inspection.

Do it at night and check them via reflection. Change the light if they are dim or not working at all; even unsecured or loose mounting of the lights could cause you to fail your MOT. Make sure you do not come across any wobbly lights. Not just before MOT, checking your lights should be done on a regular basis. 


Your tyres are your vehicle’s safety-critical component, without which your car will not be able to move even an inch. This is why it is crucial that you maintain your tyres all year round, no matter the type you have invested in. All tyres, in general, require accurate tyre pressure and quality tread.

You could check the tread depth using the penny test. You should also closely observe wheel alignment, balancing and get the tyres rotated. Invest in quality tyres so that they can give you optimum service for at least 8 years. 


Your car uses fuel, and that emits some level of pollution. There is special equipment which checks the level of carbon emission emitted by your car and if it is within the regulated limit or not. This is one of the biggest reasons behind cars failing their MOT; therefore, as a beginner, you have to be careful.

Try to listen and find out if your car is making any kind of excessive noise as it could lead to issues with the exhaust system. If there is smoke coming out of it, not just while starting the engine, you might be in trouble. Again, if oil is leaking, look for professional help immediately.


Your car brakes offer not just safety but also help in offering you optimum control and handling. If they are not in good condition, your car and you might be in big trouble. If you wish to drive in one direction and your car swerves in another, go for a professional. 

With alloy wheels, it is possible to conduct a visual check; however, you need professional help to open it up. Check the handbrake as well.

Engine Oil

Your car usually consists of 6 important fuels. They should be checked, replaced, topped up whenever necessary to enjoy a smooth ride. It is crucial that your vehicle contains enough fuel. The engine oil level should not fall below the ‘minimum’ line. Check the coolant, the brake fluid, the antifreeze and others. Keep the interiors of the car clean; while it might not cause you to fail, but it is expected.

Therefore, these MOT Airdrie checklists will assist you in inspecting your vehicle thoroughly so that you pass your MOT without a glitch. 

Lanarkshire Recovery Services ensures you have a pleasant experience every time you drive down to their service centre for annual or MOT inspection.

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