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Hair transplant Turkey wide is not something that you can avail of easily on a whim. There are many points you must first do before going through with the operation. You must be of proper age, physically healthy, no underlying illnesses, and more. Listed below are 11 points that you must carefully consider before booking an operation with a hair transplant clinic in Turkey.

Ask for proof of the doctor’s work

One method for determining a surgeon’s quality is to solicit feedback from previous patients. Some clinics will keep a record of previous clients willing to be called and submit a testimonial. You may also try looking up on YouTube to see if patients may have vlogged their experience when they got hair transplant surgery.

Look at before and after photos

It would be best if you asked your potential hair transplant doctor for high-quality and detailed pictures of their previous work on their patients. Be suspicious if the images appear unclear, digitally changed, or the patient is wearing hair products. Request before and after images of males with similar hair profiles to you to be realistic about the outcomes you can accomplish.

Ask for their qualifications

Look for a surgeon who is a member of a great association in your country, like the American Board Of Hair Restoration Surgery.


Many factors can affect the costs of a hair transplant surgery. These factors include where you have the surgery, how many sessions you need, the type of surgery you choose - FUT normally has a single fee. In contrast, clinics charge per follicle for FUE and the surgeon’s experience.

Do your research

It’s highly recommended that you first identify which stage your hair loss is at before getting the cheapest Turkey hair transplant cost. It would be best to look up patients experiencing the same situation on internet forums to read and know how they coped or what treatment they did. You can also ask hair transplant clinics to send you examples of case studies and patient testimonials and find the best clinic there is!

Beware of competition

The cheapest Turkey hair cost is offered by numerous clinics, which mean it is very competitive. Most clinics charge low fees to attract medical tourists, but this leaves a gap for incompetent and inexperienced providers to provide a “solution” - therefore, conduct your research on the competing companies thoroughly.

Don’t fall for beautiful marketing

The clinics that have a very good reputation in the industry would not lower themselves on the level of cheap clinics that exaggerates their advertisements and paid-for-client referrals. It’s difficult to decide on a crowded marketplace, but don’t fall victim to referral seekers. Your best bet is to request clinical outcomes proof and have direct interactions with the clinic.

Look for accreditation

Proper accreditations and certifications are a must for a hair transplant clinic. If you travel to Turkey or any other foreign country for surgery, make certain that an internationally recognised agency accredits the institution. Also, be sure that you have the most up-to-date local licencing.

Having sufficient donor hair

One of the most important elements in determining whether a patient is a candidate for a hair transplant or not, as it has a significant impact on the outcome of the procedure. You may be wondering how this is possible; the more potential donor hair regions a patient has, the more hair the patient will have implanted during the surgery. The patient would obtain better results after the Turkey hair transplant surgery if they had sufficient donor hair before starting the operation.

Consider age

If you intend to undergo Turkey hair transplant surgery, age will not be a significant factor. Nonetheless, a patient becomes more suited for the operation if he is beyond the age of 23 because the hair loss patterns are expected to have stabilised by then, resulting in superior surgical results.

Consider medical conditions

People with underlying medical conditions like blood-borne diseases such a hepatitis B, C, D and HIV are not allowed to undergo hair transplant Turkey wide. Yet, some patients who suffer from metabolic diseases such as diabetes can undergo hair transplant surgeries under the conditions that they’re in a stable health state and under medications. This can greatly vary from one doctor to another.

It’s best to ask a professional about your hair loss before choosing a hair transplant Turkey based clinic.  This is to make sure that you know exactly what treatment you need. Doing so can help you prevent getting scammed into availing of unnecessary hair treatments that would only spike up your costs and may even give further damage to your condition.

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