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There are many problems encountered by businesses. These concerns usually revolve around data processing speed, the need for restricted access to sensitive items and locations in the workplace, the need to know where employees are at any given time, the need to learn more about a product once it has been identified, the need to automate sensitive business processes, and the need to track products within the facility.

RFID tracking system will be highly useful if your firm would benefit from near-simultaneous identification of products in any of its operations. It allows for accurate stock counts in the warehouse to be conducted rapidly. RFID technology can be utilised to scan the majority of products as they leave the warehouse and send the information to your central computer.

E-identification cards can be used to open and close doors using RFID. The same level of security is provided with barcoded cards, with the exception that e-identification cards do not need to be swiped to operate. As a result, they are more efficient and can open and close doors remotely.

RFID allows managers to see where a certain employee is at any given time. Employees are given identity cards to implement this functionality, which trigger RFID readers to indicate their presence in any of the rooms where they are located.

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