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The finishing of the building construction can be determined at roofing working. The roofing is the part that makes the building’s view a good one. So roofing sheets are important material required in big or small scale constructions. This article commences on the types of roofing sheets and their pros and cons.

Roofing sheets :

Roofing sheets are used to cover the building tip to protect them from the heat of the sunlight and also from climatic calamities. Customers widely use roofing sheets to cover the industrial buildings. Commonly, roofing sheets are used for megastructures like industries, schools, colleges, sheds, So on. There are 4 different types of roofing sheets that are used widely by customers. They are,

  1. Plastic roofing sheets 

  2. Metal roofing sheets

  3. Coloured roofing sheets 

  4. Poly carbon roofing sheets

Every type of roofing sheet having its features and advantages. galvanised roof sheets, Poly carbon and plastic roofing sheets are used for ornamental purposes which is available in many colours and some of them were transparent. They beautify the building. 

Metal roofing and coloured roofing sheets are similar in their purpose they are used to cover the top of the constructions are also make the building look attractive. Mostly light colours are used to cover buildings because they won’t absorb heat more. The best-coloured roofing sheets are JSW colour coated sheets. Likewise in metal roofing sheets aluminum sheets are highly preferred because they won’t absorb heat as much others do. 

Pros and cons :

By considering the pros and cons of using roofing sheets to cover a building. Their pros are ;

  1. highly durable

  2. Long-lasting 

  3. Easy to install

  4. Managing heat penetration

  5. Fire resistance 

  6. Less maintenance cost

  7. Beautify purpose 

Their  cons are very little as they followed below;

  1. Cost of installation

  2. Cost of replacing  


Z purlins :

Z purlins are metallic beams used to fix the roofing on the top of the building. It seems to be the shell cover of the building. It will be set in between the roofing sheets and the wall of the building. The roofing sheets were fixed upon the beams using nuts and bolts. It supports the roof and is correctly attached to the structure of the building. Many Z purlin manufacturers manufacture all sorts of Zpurlin designs which are preferred according to the design of the building. 

Thus, the article gave a short view of roofing sheets and their pro and cons. Which is one of the essential things in building construction. 

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