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TikTok app was also once in the wrong path. The series of "TikTok action" was once cool, lacking in tactics and rigid in tactics. Instead, it was close to Android version. The TikTok in China were attempts in two different fields. However, as a social simulation app, the former had no war skills. The "TikTok games war" focused too much on voice control instead of real-time war. The theme is precise. A series of failures have sobered tiktok developer, and the whole brand new social path is on the right path. At first glance, the new tiktok in-app-game, putting individual combat and team cooperation on both sides of the scale. "Dark area in TikTok" is a unique design. Not only can we cooperate with others, but also can kill the donkey afterwards. Facing the risk of being chased and killed by the whole area, we can get powerful equipment. Once you had to learn how to fight alone or in teams, but now you have to learn how to choose between them. This design for the first time makes the relationship between powerful individual and tactical cooperation in tiktok series so delicate. In this era of entertainment and fast-food, tiktok can insist on delivering a authenticity to the players. The eternal charm of tiktok game lies in its efficient strategy, excellent team and decisive execution. Today's tiktok faces a very serious situation: it is in urgent need of fresh blood injection. The potential of Free Tiktok followers 2020 tactic has been exhausted, but the new IP has not been formed yet. At this time, the next move in tiktok will be very difficult if the whole tiktok in-app-game fails... This is going to be a back-to-back battle. What kind of response will mass studio hand over? We will see.

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