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Thorgood Law Firm offers Lien Sale in NYC, and is an IRS Business Audit firm. Appended are the reasons why you should pick a tax law firm:

Attorney-Client Privilege:  While other tax professionals may be forced to disclose what you told them, by law, communication between you and your lawyer is protected, making it confidential and not available to anyone else.  This allows for an environment where you can freely share the nature and circumstances of your tax issues with us, making it more likely that we will get you relief, more promptly and effectively.

 Put A Lawyer Between You And The IRS: A lawyer knows in advance the ramifications of specific steps and conducts in dealing with the IRS.  If you deal directly with the IRS, you may make inadvertent statements or offer information that does not help your case.  An experienced lawyer can protect you from making these types of errors.  Once you hire us, IRS must go through us in all interactions with you.  That offers you additional protection as we can ensure your rights are fully protected.

Advanced Knowledge Of Tax Laws:  We are attorneys fully conversant with the tax laws.  With our experience over nearly two decades representing clients before the IRS and other taxing authorities, we are able to comprehensively review each individual or business situation and promptly begin on a course of solutions that would help you.

We can be reached at for more information.

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