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Owning a vehicle makes you responsible for taking the best care of it. If you are a newbie to the world of driving, you could think you have two options: an MOT or a service. But that is an oversight on your part. While both of these do cover some similar areas, they are different from one another.

What Is An MOT Test?

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) test is an examination held specifically for your vehicle. It is a check performed every year to determine whether it is roadworthy or not. The evaluation criteria are based on the guidelines set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Every passenger vehicle over the age of three should take an MOT test at an authorised testing garage and earn a certificate. The MOT is a legal requirement, so driving a vehicle with no valid certificate is illegal.

So what makes an MOT inspection varied from a service? The answer to this question lies primarily in which components they check and the way to do it. MOTs are designed to ensure the bare minimum requirements are met. These usually examine the electric parts such as lights, horns and windscreen wipers. During this maintenance, the fuel and fluids are also examined for leaks.

Upon MOT inspection, the defects found may be classified into three categories. These include the minor, major and dangerous. Minor comprises those faults that do not need your immediate attention, and your vehicle will pass the test despite their presence. Major includes defects that are not actively harming your car as of now. But these can escalate into severe issues in the near future. Thus, you will have to fix them soon after your MOT test is done. Defects falling in the last category result in an MOT failure. Your vehicle is practically not drivable with such issues, so they have to be corrected immediately.

What Is Vehicle Servicing?

Keeping your car, or SUV or motorcycle healthy is not possible with just an MOT test. It needs far more of an in-depth check to detect any faulty parts and fix them. Unlike MOT, servicing is not a legal matter, but it is just as important. A vehicle that is timely serviced ensures you pass your MOT test with flying colours. The manufacturer's guidelines, as found in the manual, are used as a reference. Thus, it often recommended that you seek the service at a franchise dealer as opposed to a local garage. That way, the maintenance checks are customised to the model and make of your automobile.

For services, you will usually find three options or packages: interim, full, and major. Here is what each of them provides.

The interim or bronze car service Colindale is intended for high-mileage drivers for whom annual maintenance is not enough. When you send your car off to a garage, the mechanic will check the lights, battery and windshield wipers. The braking, steering, suspension systems and tyres will also be inspected for defects. As engine oil tends to break down fairly quickly, it will also be changed, and other fluids will also be changed or topped off as necessary. A full or silver package is much more comprehensive compared to the interim one. It offers all the services from the bronze package, along with wheel alignment and balancing. The replacement of fuel filters or spark plugs and air filters are also a part of the service. A major or gold package is the most in-depth service offered by garages.

While MOT Edgware is compulsory and car service is not, you should get both whenever they are due. Keeping your vehicle in tiptop conditions not only keeps it running for a long time but also makes every journey safe and enjoyable.

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